I am guilty, I dare not lift up my head
My soul is filthy, I dare not lift my hands
I am ashamed of what I’ve done
Lord this is what I have become

I’ve been hiding I’ve been longing
You were there when I was hurting
You were there fighting
for a sinner, undeserving

Here I am, afraid to come
Afraid I’ll only let you down
Inside I doubt that you could love me
but you came down and rescue me

You came along, reminded me of that song
I thought I have to be strong
but you told me there’s nothing I need to do
because to you I always belong

You stretched your hand
Face to face, we stand
You ran towards me with eyes full of Mercy
You said you want me empty

You broke my chains and set me free
Forgave my sins and my iniquities
Lord to you I come humbly
Whole heartedly, willingly

For your blood is stronger than my sin
your grace is bigger than my failure
your love is deeper than my scars

You gave your life to give me mine
In darkness, you have let your light shine
You have not left me in my wilderness
In my weakness, you showed your tenderness

There’s no guilt, there’s no shame,
I’m forgiven, You are risen
How can it be? You rescued me,
You overcome, now in your arms

I’m holding on,
To you, I’ll rest upon
I am secured, I am home
I’m letting it all go

but Jesus, I won’t let you go now


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