Journey : Beautifully Broken

Being a Woman After God’s Heart

Be a person after God’s heart,

Be a person who seeks Christ,

And be a person who’s heart is full of the fruits of the Spirit,

Justified And Redeemed

I remember when I first accepted Christ; it was life-breathing. I could go into endless detail about how liberated, happy, and joyful I became. Before Christ, I didn’t experience eternal joy due to being empty, but the very moment Christ stepped in, it was if I was a new girl who was wiped clean, and I was!

A month after my walk with Christ started, I began to write letters to God about all the questions I had. My faith was very new, and there were a lot of things I did not know, At the time I started journaling, I just started reading the Bible on my own, I just started to hear God’s voice, and I didn’t even know where to start in my journey of faith.

I wanted to know what He had in store for me, and I wanted to learn how I could serve…

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Journey : Beautifully Broken

The Heartbreak of Watching Friends Walk Away From Faith

They need more of Jesus. Not condemnation, not by force, but let them see Jesus in you. Bring them back.

J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

jillianchan asked a question:

As someone in ministry, have you seen many people fall from faith? If you have, how do you handle it?

Hey dear friend: I’ve been through this too many times to count. It’s happening now, too. It’s always heartbreaking and always a punch in the stomach. To be truthful, I still grieve for so many friends who went their own way and chose self-destruction. I still lose sleep over it. It’s something you don’t really get over, and something I pray about every day.

I’ve blamed myself; I’ve blamed God; I’ve blamed bad influences; I’ve blamed the church. In the end, I know I can’t persuade anyone to stay faithful. It’s their choice and their autonomy.  I must respect that. As God respects our free will, so must we.

The only thing I can do is stay in touch. I text or call or email, at…

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Journey : Beautifully Broken

They Stole My Wo/man

When God blocks it, Leave it alone.


“We were supposed to be friends.”

“S/he betrayed me. I hate how they just up and left me like that.”

“He’s supposed to be a man of God, so why did he run after another woman like that?”

“She made me think she was a godly woman, but she just left me for another guy. I don’t get it.”

I get frustrated messages all of the time about people who recently broke up with someone. Not only did they experience a breakup, but sometimes they were left for someone else. I try to hear them out every time, because they are genuinely hurting. Sometimes, it is clear as day that they dodged a bullet and God was the one protecting them from going any further in that relationship. Sometimes, God allows it to end in a rough way, and I believe that can be the only way for some people…

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Journey : Beautifully Broken

A Journey : Beautifully Broken

Hello beautiful soul, I thank God you've reached this page. This is not an accident that God has told you to check this out. What's this about? A Journey : Beautifully Broken This is to share my story of brokenness and on how I've overcome the pain. When talking about "brokenness" people think it is… Continue reading A Journey : Beautifully Broken