As for me and this blog,
we will serve the Lord

 A person able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

I’ve created this blog because I was motivated to share my past experiences on how God saved me from pain, heartbreak and depression. Being resilient for me, means being STRONG in spite of all the difficulties, BRAVE enough to withstand any fear or pain along the way.

This blog was made to Share God’s word and to show God’s Glory.

  • Poetry
    I love poetry, but most of the times I only write about depression, pain, encouragement, etc. This time I would like to write for God.  I’ve asked myself several times on what I can do to thank God because everything that I’ll do would never be enough to thank him for everything He has done for me. So now, let me share you my passion, writing poems and haikus!

  • Revelation / As told by God

    I believe that God speaks to each and every one of us and whenever he speak to us, we ought to share it to other people to proclaim His Greatness and Glory. As I pray and read God’s word I feel like writing every revelation coming from Him. I hope that as you read through this blog, you will not harden your heart so that you may experience the fullness and greatness of God’s love.  🙂

  • Typography
    Captured and edited photos with texts, verses and quotations to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ 🙂



    I believe that Prayer is powerful, here are some of my prayers that I can share whenever you need one.  Also, If you have prayer requests, just send it via email. 🙂


  • A Journey : Beautifully Broken

    Yey! This is the beautiful part. I am beautifully broken. How’s that? Well, I believe that there is nothing too broken for GOD. I will let other people see the Glory of God through those cracks. How can you lead others out of the valley if you’ve not been there in the first place?  God has led me out of that valley so that I can proclaim His Glory. This page will tell you how God saved me when I was broken and on how I have overcome the pain while in my own wilderness. This will not actually instruct you how to mend a broken heart, but I will share my story on How I’ve overcome the pain.. in God’s way 🙂

I believe that  if God has saved me, He will also save you 🙂
God will fulfill His promises to me and also to you! (Philippians 1:6)

I want to let people know that what God did is greater than what other people has done to me, that God is greater than my fears, than the pain and of everything that I have overcome.

Here I am, living my life testimony for God has saved me and took me out of the pit to where I was abused, rejected and unloved.  He showed me that it is for a Greater blessing and for His Greater Glory!

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God – 1 Corinthians 10:31 (NIV)

As a Child of God, I can say that the courage that I have now is because I am confident that God is always with me. Please don’t get me wrong because I am just a simple person and I’m not saying that I don’t have any fears or struggles. What I am trying to say is that, because of God I am fearless and confident that in any season, problems, difficulties, even when it seems too impossible I know and I am very sure that God is in Control, that God got me in His hands and He has overcome.

I am hoping that God would touch your heart as you read every article written in this blog and I am also hoping that somehow it might encourage you to move on, move forward, to let go and to simply trust God and His plans for you.

There is so much that God has in store for you and I’m hoping that as you live your life pleasing God, you will experience His unending and unconditional love.

I pray that God will give you the desires of your heart and believe that He will fulfill what He had promised. So, while waiting, let us together LIVE A LIFE PLEASING GOD!


All my Love,